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American company Athena Security has opened an office in Kiev to provide support for its artificial intelligence gun detection system. Sixteen employees have been hired, and the company expects to hire over 200 employees in Kiev during the next two years.  Athena helps prevent crime before it happens.  It’s A.I. camera system is the first in the world to see guns, knives, fighting and more, and immediately send live video to police.

Ukrainian employees will provide administrative and customer support, and Athena will also hire some engineers.


Serial entrepreneur Chris Ciabarra, who is the chief technology officer and co-founder of the company said, “I moved our Support Center to Kiev after our excellent experience working with Ukrainians on our previous company, Revel Systems.”  

Ciabarra and partner Lisa Falzone, co-founded Revel Systems, and took it from 0 to 500 million dollars in valuation before they sold their iPad Point-of-Sale technology and started their new company, Athena Security.         www.Athena-Security.com  

After watching the 2017 massacre in Las Vegas and never-ending mass shootings, Ciabarra and Falzone decided to try to prevent crime.  Their goal was "to create an A.I. powered system that would accurately recognize any crime or weapon and alert police in real time.  No one was taking this preventative approach,” said Falzone.


Athena’s watchful eye never blinks or gets distracted.  It detects guns with 99 percent accuracy in a two-second verification window to prevent false alarms, then calls police and or emergency contacts immediately, providing live video and two-way communication from the scene when minutes matter the most.  Police can talk to victims and perpetrators in real time.

The first place to install Athena’s A.I. gun detection camera was Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster, PA.  The school’s President, Gary Zimmaro said, “It has calmed parent’s fears substantially ...  knowing we have the best weapon detection camera in the world watching over our children every second of the day.”

 Athena has U.S. offices in Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA.

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